Borrowing Policy

Any Ohio resident that is 17 years of age or over may open a borrower's account by showing an Ohio Driver's license or valid state ID with a current address on it.  A piece of business mail may be shown if the driver's license does not have a current address.  Patrons 16 years of age and younger must have a parent or legal guardian open an account for them.  Parent/guardian will assume responsibility for the materials borrowed.  Patrons who have more than $10.00 in fines are not permitted to check out any materials.  Fines that have accrued on DVD's must be paid prior to checking out other DVD's.


DVD's may be checked out by anyone who is a card holder over the age of 18.  The loan period is 7 days;  with a limit of five DVD's per patron at one time.  The overdue fine is $1.00 per DVD per day.  Fines must be paid before checking out any more DVD's.  DVD's cannot be renewed nor can they be placed on hold. 


Books are checked out for two weeks and may be renewed three times.  Fines are .05 per book per day.


Magazines are checked out for one week and may be renewed three times.  Fines are .05 per magazine per day.


Audio books are checked out for two weeks and may be renewed three times.  Fines are .25 per audio per day.


CD's are checked out for two weeks, a limit of three discs per patron at one time.  CD's may be renewed one time.  Fines are .25 per day.

Book Drop

There is a 24 hour book drop located near the entrance.  We encourage patrons to drop materials off at the circulation desk during business hours. 


There are four patron computers with high speed fiber optic connections.  Patrons are required to sign in before using the computers.  Computers may be turned off one half hour prior to closing.  Wi-Fi is available.  Passwords may be requested from the circulation staff.  During times of high usage (if other patrons are waiting to use the computer), patrons are limited to one half hour of time on a computer.  Printing is available, .10 per page for black and white and .50 per page for color. 

Tax Forms, Voter Registration, and Golden Buckeye Card Applications

Tax forms are offered to patrons during tax season.  Voter registration forms are available to Knox County residents per request.  Golden Buckeye card applications are available and a temporary card may be activated during business hours.

Copies and Scanning

Copies can be made by library staff at the rate of .15 per page for black and white and .50 per page for color. Scanning is available free of charge. Documents can be scanned by staff to a patron's email account. 


Documents may be faxed by library staff at the rate of $1.25 per page.  For incoming fax, first 5 pages are free and $1.25 per page after that.  Our fax number is 740-625-7311. 


The library offers several children's programs for toddlers and preschoolers. Lapsit is offered to children (up to 36 months of age); parents are required to attend.  Story Time is offered to children between the ages of 3-5.  The summer reading program is offered to patrons of all ages during designated weeks in the summer.  Adult programming is available at various times throughout the year, information posted in the library.  See upcoming events calendar on our website for details.

Historical Center

The library serves as the Centerburg Historical Center.  You may view old newspapers, pictures, and yearbooks by asking the staff.  The library gladly accepts donations of local historical materials.

Meeting Room

A 20 person meeting room is available free of charge to civic and educational groups. Reservations may be made by calling the library.  No smoking, alcoholic beverages or selling of products is permitted.  Clean up is required by the group after their meeting.