Helpful Downloading Tips

If you are having problems downloading your eBooks remember to use the help tabs on the Overdrive site. One of the best places to get help is the "My Help Wizard". The wizard will assist you in downloading to your particular device if you click on "Read eBooks" and choose the device you own.

 If  you own a Kindle you must have an account with Amazon to download from the Ohio eBook Project. The library staff will attempt to assist you as much as possible but it is up to the patron to know how their device works and what ID's might be needed to use OEP.  We will post more tips as they become available to us. 

For Kindle Users:

(1)  Access the Ohio eBook Project by going to and clicking on the  Ohio eBook Project.

(2)  Look for the "sign in" tab near the top right of the page. Change the format in the drop down menu to  Kindle Book.  If you want to find a book that does not have a  waiting list, then click the "only show items with copies available" box.

(3)  Once you have found the book you want to check out click, "add to cart" directly across from the Kindle book icon.  Choose to continue browsing or proceed to check out.  When you are done choosing books, click "proceed to check out".

(4)  When asked to confirm your check out, do so.

(5)  Next, click the "Get for Kindle" button.  Choose a device to which you want your book delivered. Click "get library book".  The book will  be delivered to your Kindle or app the next time the device is connected to Wi-Fi.


1.  Why can't I find the book I downloaded to my NOOK?  Books downloaded  from the library will not be in your Barnes and Noble Library. Instead, go to My Files-> Digital Editions.

2.  Which devices allow me to download directly? Any Apple device with Wi-Fi access, any Android - based tablet or phone, Blackberry phones and tablets, and Windows phone 7.  

3.  Which devices require me to have access to a computer to use them? ‚ÄčThe NOOK, Pan, and Sony eReaders require that you have your own computer to download to and license books through.  Most Kindles will require you to have access to any web browser on a computer to check out the book, but the book will arrive at the Kindle via ‚ÄčAmazon's normal delivery means.

4.  Are there late fees?  No.

5.  How long do I have to download a book after being notified my hold is ready? 72 hours.

6.  How many eBooks can I have at once? ‚Äč10 books total.

7.  Does the library have anyone on staff that can help me? ‚ÄčLimited assistance will be available; it is recommended that you consult the Overdrive help tabs.