Special Event

Mini-Golf in the Stacks

We will be doing "Mini-Golf in the Stacks" during our regular hours on Saturday, September 21st.  That day is National Mini-Golf Day and what better way to celebrate than to come and play with us! This event will feature 6 mini-golf holes scattered throughout our library.  Our staff has designed the holes and we will provide you with a scorecard, putter and ball.  All ages are encouraged to attend this free and super fun event! Please call or stop in with questions.

Saturday, September 21, 2019 (All day)

Cookin' Up a Comet

Chad Ruhl, Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist and member of the Richland Astronomical Society will be joining the Library to present "Cookin' Up a Comet."  This activity gives insight into the "dirty snowball" model of comets--composed of material from the early solar system in the form of frozen water and gases, simple organic compounds, and dust. Join us for this fun and educational presentation!


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